Black Mountain Beautification Committee announces community award, fosters curb appeal

Ezra Maille
Black Mountain News
The Black Mountain Beautification Committee has launched a new campaign to encourage landscaping aesthetics in town.

For the Black Mountain Beautification Committee, presentation is everything.

In an effort to encourage aesthetics and beauty in town, the Beautification Committee announced a new campaign to recognize individual properties as well as local businesses. This community improvement program will reward properties which have taken pride in their "curb appeal" through landscaping, renovations or grounds maintenance.

"It is one of our goals for this calendar year, along with several others, to create this recognition for people who've gone sort of above and beyond," said Gail Bromer, chair of the Beautification Committee. "Sort of what Beautification does but to acknowledge businesses and individuals who've done it without us."

Three times a year, the Beautification Committee will recognize several Improved Property Recipients to be given a Community Improvement Award. Nominations can come from individuals in the community or by Beautification Committee members.

Winning properties will receive a decorative lawn sign for recognition as well as a gift card to a local business. Prize specifics have yet to be determined by the Community Improvement subcommittee. 

Winners of the Community Improvement award will receive a yard sign in recognition of their efforts.

 "We create new goals each year, and one of the goals this year that the board decided to implement was to create the Community Improvement Award," said Rhonda Reedy, co-chair of the award subcommittee. "We just want to recognize businesses and residents that have made improvements to the property to make it more appealing to the general public."

Applicants will have to demonstrate new or ongoing improvements to property as viewed from the street. The Beautification Committee emphasizes creating an attractive outdoor landscape for curb appeal or a common area the community can enjoy.

The Beautification Committee maintains much of the landscaping in town such as a garden in the Town Square.

Each nominee will be eligible for an annual grand prize to be given to the property determined to be the most improved overall. Awards will be chosen at the discretion of the Community Improvement subcommittee by majority vote.

"Well maintained and attractive property, things are pruned and landscaped and the grass is mowed," Bromer said in reference to nomination criteria. "The property is litter free, the building and fences are in good repair so as not to distract from the landscape."

The first round of awards will be given out in September, though submissions can be made anytime throughout the year by visiting the Beautification Committee's website. Once implemented, awards will be given out each June, September and December. 

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