Town Council approves fee increase for Black Mountain Golf Course due to rising fuel costs

Ezra Maille
Black Mountain News
The Black Mountain Golf Course increased fees for daily players due to the rising costs of gas prices nationwide. The course requires fuel for golf carts and maintenance vehicles.

As gas prices rise nationwide, even the Black Mountain Golf Course feels the effects, despite remaining busier than ever. 

Black Mountain Town Council approved a fee increase for the golf course on May 9. The main differences patrons will see is the weekday rate, now at $45, up from $40, and the weekend rate at $55, up from $50. 

Though other fees, twilight, senior and nine hole, among others, also saw changes, the main increases are reflected in day-to-day operations.

"Really we're just trying to get enough to cover the fuel and diesel cost right now," said Brent Miller, operations manager of the golf course. "It's significantly higher right now than what we're used to."

The golf course requires fuel for maintenance vehicles and golf carts.

The Black Mountain Golf Course remains busier than ever despite fee increases, according to Brent Miller, operations manager.

Despite increased costs, Miller said the Black Mountain Golf Course fees remain competitive compared to similar courses in the area. Miller attributed keeping costs down to proper maintenance of courses and fairways as well as the new carts the course received in recent years.

Miller said some of the chemicals used to control weeds and grass along the course have shot up in price throughout the past year, increasing as much as 100%. 

"The two options are to either significantly increase the price of golf and keep up with our normal level of spraying or focus on the areas that really impact people's play the most and try to keep the cost down that way," Miller said. 

The new golf carts also have been more fuel eefficient than the old carts, according to Miller. 

New golf carts have proven to be more fuel efficient though that has only helped with costs to a certain degree, according to course staff.

Throughout the pandemic, the golf course remained open, becoming popular for locals looking for an outdoor activity during quarantine. Miller said the course has stayed busy as pandemic levels fall.

"We're really wanting to become more competitive because as you can see, places that have for hire signs up, they're all offering more per hour," Miller said. "To hire good people that want to stay, you need to be able to pay them a fair wage."

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