Black Mountain Arbor Day celebration includes tree planted through Clean Air Project

Ezra Maille
Black Mountain News
Black Mountain celebrated Arbor Day on Nov. 10 by planting a sapling beside the pedestrian bridge at Lake Tomahawk.

Black Mountain held a celebration of Arbor Day on Nov. 10 by planting a sapling beside the pedestrian bridge at Lake Tomahawk. 

"Most trees go dormant in the fall," said Gabriel Scott Martin, a member of public works who planted the tree. "This time of year is almost perfect because it gives it a chance to sprout some roots."

A group of about 10 people gathered to watch the tree get planted, including council members Pam King and Doug Hay, Town Manager Josh Harrold and Public Works Director Jamey Matthews. 

The tree that was planted was the sixth tree planted as part of Ella's Clean Air Project, an environmental campaign lead by Black Mountain Elementary student Ella Millwood. After winning the "Keep Our Air Clean" student art contest lead by the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center, Millwood's winning submission was featured on a billboard along I-85. 

Millwood and her family began selling display signs featuring her artwork with the profits going toward planting trees in Black Mountain. Millwood's mother, Tausha, said Millwood could not be in attendance because it was a school day. 

The Nov. 10 Arbor Day celebration included a lesson from Gabriel Scott Martin, a member of public works, in planting and maintaining trees as they grow.

The Arbor Day celebration also featured a brief workshop by Martin on planting and maintaining trees. Martin provided those in attendance with proper planting techniques as well as how to prune vegetation to allow for plants to grow and remain healthy as they mature. 

"If you plant in the spring, it's about water," Martin said. "Especially if it's got it's first year starting during the summer."