Montreat commissioner Lentz announces resignation at Town Council meeting

Ezra Maille
Black Mountain News

Montreat Town Commissioner Alice Lentz announced her resignation at the Nov. 11 Town Council meeting. 

"With this letter, I resign my position with the town of Montreat, effective Dec. 9, 2021," Lentz said, reading from her letter of resignation. "At that point, I will have fulfilled my four year term."

Mayor Tim Helms thanked Lentz and accepted her resignation though he admitted he was hoping she would reconsider. 

"I understand it, I really do," Helms said.

Commissioner Lentz spoke of her appreciation for serving alongside her fellow commissioners and the relationships forged during her four year term. 

"What a joy and what a privilege to serve as commissioner for the town of Montreat for these past four years," Lentz said. "I am grateful for the opportunity to have served." 

Among other accomplishments, Lentz voiced her appreciation for the construction and zoning of the Town Hall, the adoption of the new zoning ordinance and the allocation of funds for the Texas Road bridge project. She thanked the other commissioners, the town administrator and the entire town staff for the experiences she shared with them throughout her term. 

"I now look forward to focusing on my family and on other endeavors that I willingly set aside to devote energies to our town," Lentz said.