Black Mountain town manager receives Credentialed Manager designation

Ezra Maille
Black Mountain News
Town manager Josh Harrold recently received the designation of Credentialed Manager from the International City/County Management Association.

Black Mountain Town Manager Josh Harrold recently received the designation of Credentialed Manager from ICMA, the International City/County Management Association. 

"I've been working to get that credentialing since I've been here as manager," Harrold said. 

Harrold got into local government in 2008. As a department head, he worked his way up with the help of another town manager as his mentor. 

In working closely with his mentor, Harrold took numerous courses throughout his career, including multiple courses with UNC Chapel Hill. One such course with the university focused on municipal county and administration work, training Harrold completed in eight months. 

"You learn pretty much every aspect of local government," Harrold said. "From streets to finance to planning to parks and rec, pretty much everything you learn through that course."

After completing the course, Harrold realized he wanted to continue to move up in his career, making the town manager position he currently holds his latest professional goal. In 2018, the opportunity was afforded to him by the Black Mountain local government. 

"We are proud of his achievements and leadership in his profession and in the town of Black Mountain," said the town's Mayor Larry Harris. 

Harrold's new credentials come with responsibilities. Continued education and staying on top of new developments in the field of local government is a priority for all credentialed managers.

"With that status as a credentialed manager, what that really does for citizens and elected officials just shows the commitment," Harrold said. "The lifelong commitment to learning and continuing to be a good leader for the town that you work for."

Elected bodies look closely for the credentialed status, according to Harrold. At this point, Harrold said he doesn't have any plans to leave Black Mountain. 

"Will I stay here until I retire? I don't know," he said. "But no immediate plans to skip town."