Tim Raines to resign from Black Mountain Town Council

Ty Roush
Black Mountain News
Raines served as a teacher at his alma mater, Owen High School, for 25 years prior to retiring in 2017.

Tim Raines will serve his last Town Council meeting June 14.

Raines announced his resignation following a May 27 special call meeting and added that he and his wife will be moving away from Black Mountain.

“It’s been an honor and a privilege to serve the town for almost three years,” Raines said. “My wife, Renee, and I are entering a new phase in our lives and we’re looking forward to that.

“Black Mountain will always be home, and we’ll be back. It’s been a wonderful experience.”

Raines was appointed to the then-Board of Aldermen to fill a vacant seat previously held by then-alderman Jeremie Konegni. His four-year term would have expired in 2022.

Complemented by his time on the town’s governing body, Raines served as a teacher at his alma mater, Owen High School, for 25 years prior to retiring in 2017. He served as the school’s head coach for the girls basketball and junior varsity football teams.

Following his retirement, Raines later returned to the school in 2020 as an assistant coach for both teams.

Mayor Larry Harris and other council members applauded Raines for his time serving the town.

“It has been an honor to work alongside you,” Harris said.

Raines would have initially completed his term in 2021 prior to a move for general elections to even-numbered years.

Appointing Raines’ replacement

Following Raines’ departure from Town Council in June, the town will experience its new appointment policy for the first time.

The “Committee Membership and Appointment Policy,” adopted unanimously May 10, clarifies the process in which newly appointed officials fill vacant seats with the town’s governing bodies.

Once a seat becomes vacant with Town Council, Black Mountain residents must submit an application to be considered for nomination. Applicants have to be 21 years old, a resident of Black Mountain and registered to vote. 

Vacancies will be filled using a nomination-and-ballot method, where council members receive a ballot to nominate an applicant as a compiled ballot. The town clerk will count all nominations, with the mayor following with a motion to nominate the applicant with a majority of votes.

If there isn’t a majority, applicants are eliminated based on who receives the fewest votes. The two nominees receiving the most votes will then be voted on by Town Council.