Jennifer Willet looks forward to bringing new perspective to Board of Aldermen

Karrigan Monk
Black Mountain News

BLACK MOUNTAIN - Jennifer Willet will be Black Mountain’s new alderwoman, filling the term of Carlos Showers, who recently died.

The Black Mountain native said she is excited to serve her town and bring a new set of eyes to the Board of Alderman.

Jennifer Willet

“That’s my big thing,” Willet said. “My willingness to serve the board and the town and help us grown and change in a reasonable way.”

Because Black Mountain’s charter does not allow for a special election to be called or for a seat to remain vacant, the board was left to fill Showers’ seat after he died.

Willet said she planned to run for a seat on the board in November and had already expressed interest to the board. Because of this, Willet was nominated and ultimately selected by the board to fill the open seat for the remainder of 2020.

A graduate of Owen High School and Montreat College, Willet has lived in the area for most of her life. She said she loved growing up in the close-knit community a small town provided and hopes to preserve the sentiment.

“I want to help facilitate sustainable community growth and at the same time try to keep the small town aspect that we all know and love,” Willet said.

While she said she wants to preserve some aspects of Black Mountain, she also hopes to grow the community and find ways to bring in more revenue for businesses.

A financial services officer by trade and a co-owner of Bliss Beauty Bar, a salon in Black Mountain, Willet said she wants to work on utilizing recreational activities in the town to bring in more people for potential revenue for local businesses.

As the daughter of Black Mountain’s former chief of police, Willet said she has a “big heart” for the town employees and service providers and is looking forward to a new opportunity to serve Black Mountain.

“I’m really just excited about learning and being on a board that I think has done a really wonderful job up to this point and just being part of that right now,” Willet said. “I’m excited for this experience and opportunity and I’m excited to learn some things and contribute and serve the town.”