A 'Half Moon' rises in former Roots & Fruits space

Claire Thomas
Special to Black Mountain News
Owners of the Half Moon Market, Demetria and Justin Honeywell, stand outside of the organic food store on Ridgeway Avenue.

On the curve where South Ridgeway and Sutton Avenues come together sits a natural foods store, overtly stated by the large sign along the roof that reads “Market”.

For years, locals have known the spot as Roots and Fruits, but the local market has since come under new ownership.

Justin and Demetria Honeywell are now the proud new business owners of what has since been renamed Half Moon Market. Having fully launched this past June, the Honeywells are eager to embrace the Black Mountain community and promote both organic foods and self-sustainability.

Before relocating to Black Mountain, the couple had been living on an island off of the Washington coast and assisting Justin’s parents who ran a similar organic food market. Once the couple moved, Demetria began working at Roots and Fruits in March of 2019. She discovered the owner was ready to retire and the business was going up for lease, so the Honeywells saw a unique opportunity. Having always wanted their own edible garden and space for chickens to graze, the couple decided to combine their shared aspiration and experience to become business owners.

The Half Moon Market, which was started by Justin and Demetria Honeywell in June, operates out of the space formerly occupied by Roots & Fruits Market.

Since it’s launch, Half Moon Market has been running smoothly, with no complications other than those typical of any new business, according to the owners.

Demetria compared running the store to having a baby.

“It’s rewarding and fun but, at the same time, a huge commitment and ongoing project,” she said.

This new addition to Black Mountain offers locally-sourced and organic produce, herbs and supplements while observing all dietary restrictions. The Honeywells are so committed to locally raised food that much of the produce within the store comes straight from their own garden on the property.   

Along with the market, Half Moon also has an adjacent eatery, Luna’s Café, which serves dishes prepared with the same produce available for sale within store. Grain bowls, smoothies and breakfast quiche made from eggs produced by the resident chickens, are among the many options on the well-curated menu.

The Honeywells are eager to hold a variety of workshops for the residents of Black Mountain. These workshops include pie making, herbalism, primitive fire-making, basket weaving and composting, along with many others.

They believe Black Mountain is a prime location for an organic food market and self-sustained co-op, Justin said.

 “As the only local, organic market in town, we see it as an opportunity to support permaculture and local farming while cultivating a community space," he explained.