Hand in Hand distributes money to schools

Lois Nix
Special to Black Mountain News
Giving or receiving checks from Hand in Hand are (from left) Jennifer Holt (organization treasurer), Jon West (Community High School), James Rumbaugh (Owen High), Kelli Pritchard (Williams Elementary), Debbie Sexton (Black Mountain Primary and Elementary) and Buffy Weatherington (Owen Middle).

On Feb. 19, counselors from each of the six schools in the Owen Schools District met with Hand in Hand to share first semester reports of how funds given to the schools have been used to meet needs of students.

While some of the stories brought tears to the our eyes (i.e., 25 homeless students in our district), it was heart-warming to know that Hand in Hand is making the school day for some. We were told of winter coats and shoes bought for some. Others graduating mid-term had caps, gowns, senior pictures and diplomas provided.

Hand in Hand helped others go to the F.F.A. national convention. Some had lunch paid for, lice treatment and funds for the SAT test. The list goes on.

Thank you to our community for helping to make all this possible. Almost $8,000 was distributed.