Ministry establishes wood yard

Volunteers cut up wood bound for clients the Swannanoa Valley Christian Ministry helps with heat.

A side effect of clearing and preparing the land for the Swannanoa Valley Christian Ministry’s new “Hope for Tomorrow” building site was the accumulation of a lot of extra wood.  By establishing a wood yard with logs from the ministry's new duplex apartment site, ministry volunteers can cut, split and stack firewood onsite, then deliver it to clients when needed. 

In doing so, ministry funds currently being spent for firewood will be saved and be made available for other needs.  In October and November, volunteers met and helped 16 families with wood. 

Bill Alexander allowed the ministry to establish its wood yard on a corner of his upper pasture, part of the original Alexander Farms established in 1803.  The spot is in a safe, secluded and locked section of his property. 

Last year, SVCM spent about $4,000 on firewood.  Because of the wood yard and the volunteers, the money can be spent on other heating and fuel needs this year. 

Volunteers bring their own equipment to cut and split wood on behalf of Swannanoa Valley Christian Ministry

Volunteers meet the third Saturday of each month at Owen Middle School pool parking lot to distribute the cut wood. (They'll meet again on Saturday, Dec. 16 at 9 a.m.) They bring their own equipment to split and cut the wood, then use their own trucks to deliver. 

Recently, one of SVCM’s clients called the ministry to say she was out of wood.  She had received some in October and was on the list for the December wood day.  She was desperate and could not wait until Dec.16.  Assistant director Pam Malchow immediately contacted Bill Hamby, who in turn contacted one of his volunteers who came to the rescue and delivered wood to the client within two days.  

If you are interested in volunteering or have questions, contact ministry executive director Cheryl Wilson at 664-9224 or