A pair of local eateries shut their doors

Fred McCormick
Black Mountain News

Two popular destinations for local diners announced they will no longer be open for business.

In recent Facebook posts, the Black Mountain Bakery and Gateway Eatery separately announced they were closing.

On Dec. 1 the Facebook page for Black Mountain Bakery, located on Church Street, announced that the business’s final day of operation would be on Dec. 23. The bakery’s owner, Stacy Cleary, bought the business in 2012.

Stacy Cleary, right, owner of the Black Mountain Bakery, and manager Damie Glenn will continue to operate the bakery until Dec. 23.

“It’s been the Black Mountain Bakery since 1996," she said. "I started working for the previous owners, the Munns, in 2004. Bill and Carolyn (Munn) trained me as an employee in baking and cake decorating, and when they decided they wanted to retire we came to the agreement it would be in good hands with me.”

A few years ago Cleary hired manager Damie Glenn.

“This place couldn’t run without her,” Cleary said of her. “I owe a great deal of gratitude. She’s been an amazing employee.”

Cleary said she also wanted to “sincerely thank all of our customers, who I love very much.”

She decided to close the bakery to focus on her family.

“My fiance and I are getting married in January,” Cleary said. “We decided we wanted to settle down, and I pull very long hours here, so we figured it was time (to close the bakery).”

The Facebook page for Gateway Eatery posted messages on Nov. 25 indicating the restaurant on Old U.S. 70 would not reopen after closing for Thanksgiving.

The first post read, in part, that “effective immediately, Gateway Eatery is permanently closed.” A little over two hours later a person identifying himself in the comments section as the page’s administrator, and a former employee of the restaurant, Michael Wren, posted another message on the page thanking customers for their patronage “on behalf of the former staff.”

The Black Mountain News contacted Wren through Facebook in an effort to locate the former owner of the restaurant, but he said he was unable to provide that information.

“The last contact I had with the former owner was on Sunday, Nov. 26,” Wren said, adding that he received notice through a text message the day before saying the restaurant was permanently closed.