Black Mountain builds snowmen!

Paul Clark
Black Mountain News
"House full of adults here but there was too much fun to be had," photographer Tamara Feightner said. "I grew up in Indiana and a Hoosier can assess the quality of snow with one squeeze, and this was perfect packing snow! We helped my husband from south Georgia learn how to roll a snowball and make his first full-fledged snowman!"

The snowstorm that took everyone by surprise the weekend of Dec. 8-10 made for some mad snowmen in the Swannanoa Valley. Here are some that readers sent in (send yours in to and we'll print some of them in the newspaper; tell us where you made the snowmen and who is in the photo!).

"This is 'Snowroo' sculpted with love by Jaime with Dianna cheering... at Maple Ridge Apartments near Dynamite Coffee!" photographer Margaret Dianna Ryel-Lindsey wrote.
Nicki Groves sent this photo of some of her favorite snow people.
"Seen on Woodbend Lane!" photographer Kim Chilmonik wrote.
Pearl Hall, 9, in her backyard in Black Mountain, by Kirsten Hall.
"This picture was taken by my family member Dr. Brian Ware from Black Mountain. It was taken on 
Rattlesnake summit," Karen Wilsen Leonetti wrote.
Newbies to Black Mountain, Rigby and Hannah Nicholson pose beside their snowman on McCoy Cove Road.
“This family was built in front of The Curiosity Shoppe, adorned with items from the ‘shoppe,’” owner Chelsea Morning wrote. “Wanted to make sure people knew we were open and in the spirit.”
‘“Chilbert’ was built by Peyton Hines. Viva la France!” wrote town manager Matt Settlemyer.
Elah and Asher Massey built their snowman in Swannanoa.
“Because sometimes it makes your heart feel good to act like a kid,” wrote Margaret Thomas, who made this snowman in Swannanoa.
Megan Webb's snowman at Dixon Park in Christmount.
Ran and Margaret Shaffner's "Snow White," created Dec. 9.
Stacy Cleary's snow dog!
Tanya Banks snapped this photo with Eli Banks and his snowman in Swannanoa.
Trung and Consuela Lively sent this photo of their handiwork.
“I am Olaf, and I like warm hugs!”  So says Jaime Diaz’s creation on the patio of Maple Ridge Apts. Near Dynamite Coffee in Black Mountain.