City of Asheville to host North Fork Dam Improvement Project update meeting


The city of Asheville Water Resources Department, its consulting engineers and the construction firm Phillips & Jordan will hold a construction information session on the North Fork Dam Improvement Project on Monday, Nov. 20. Residents who live in proximity to the North Fork (Burnett) Reservoir are especially encouraged to attend to get the latest update on this project.

Attendees will get information on planned schedules and activities as construction begins to mobilize in the area. Details regarding blasting, traffic and safety will be discussed at this meeting.

Engineers and Asheville city staff will cover information and answer questions about the North Fork Dam improvements in a neighborhood awareness meeting at 6 p.m. Monday, Nov. 20 at Black Mountain Library.

This 6 p.m. meeting, open to the public, will be at Black Mountain Library (Tyson Lounge), 105 N. Dougherty St., Black Mountain.

The North Fork Reservoir and Water Treatment Plant serves as the Asheville’s primary drinking water source, providing 70 percent of Asheville’s water. With so many people, businesses and industries dependent upon this critical natural resource, special care and proactive measures need to be taken to ensure the water source and infrastructure are protected.

Planned modifications at North Fork Reservoir include: raising the dam by four feet, improvements to the principal spillway and the addition of an auxiliary spillway, modifications to the raw water piping through the dam and to the water treatment plant and earth buttressing to reinforce the main dam and saddle dam for seismic stability.

The bid for construction services was awarded in October 2017 to the contractor Phillips & Jordan. Construction is set to begin this winter.

Once completed, the dam will be able to better withstand inflow from severe storm events, as well as add capacity to the reservoir.

For more, visit the North Fork Dam Improvement Project webpage at (type “North Fork Dam” into the search bar at the top of the page).