UPDATE: Business fire results in damage, no injuries

Fred McCormick
Black Mountain News

A structure fire Black Mountain Fire Department chief Steve Jones described as "very visible" resulted in significant damage to a local business on Oct. 25. 

A call came into the department around 1:15 p.m. reporting a fire at 201 Black Mountain Avenue, the address of Black Mountain Stove & Chimney. The business, with its bright red roof and unique exterior design, is located just north of I-40 near the center of town.

Firefighters battle a blaze at Black Mountain Stove & Chimney on Oct. 25.

No injuries were reported from the fire, according to Jones, who said the fire had the potential to do even more damage to the building, which was assessed by the county earlier this year to be worth $303,100. 

"I'd classify it as a bad fire," he said. "Because of the potential (for damage). That's a big building."

Six departments responded to the blaze as law enforcement closed off sections of Black Mountain Avenue, Vance Avenue and Terry Estate Drive, allowing firefighters room to work. It took around three minutes to knock down the fire, controlling its advance, according to Jones. Extinguishing the entire fire took much longer.

An engine from the Black Mountain Fire Department sits in front of the north side of Black Mountain Stove & Chimney as firefighters extinguish flames inside.

"To get a fire out completely is a big process," Jones said. "The knockdown is a quick process, but then we have to get in there and put out all of the hot spots and that takes much longer. That's typical for any fire."

The exact cause of the fire is unknown at this time. 

"There was no obvious sign of what caused the fire," Jones said.