ACA students send donations and notes to Harvey victims

Terrie Gerolimatos’ second-grade class at Asheville Christian poses with some of the donations they've gathers for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Terrie Gerolimatos’ second-grade class at Asheville Christian Academy learned about the destruction and devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey in Houston and decided they wanted – and needed - to help.

In class this year, the second-graders have been learning about Matthew 5:13-16 in correlation with ACA’s all-school theme, "Salt and Light." They have learned that God calls his followers to be a city on a hill, an example to others, and to fill this world with the word of God.

The message definitely seems to be setting in. The classmates hope that their donations and hand-written notes will help and encourage Houston residents displaced by Hurricane Harvey, and show them that there is a beacon of hope in a dark time.

In partnership with Gerolimatos’ church and Black Mountain’s Hearts with Hands organization, the second-grade class will also donate canned and dry goods and toiletries to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

“I’m not sure what will happen in Florida,” Gerolimatos said, “but we will try to do something to help (them) as well.”