Black Mountain police say there is only one sexual assault investigation

Staff reports
Black Mountain Police Department

Lt. Rob Austin of the Black Mountain Police Department just released this statement regarding two alleged rapes in Black Mountain.

"For the past week there have been several unverified social media post circulating about multiple rapes going on throughout the Town of Black Mountain.

"In an attempt to clarify and stop any rumors being spread on social media about rapes in and around Black Mountain, BMPD makes the following statement:

"Black Mountain Police Department is currently investigating one (1) sexual assault reported on 9/13/16. This appears to be an isolated incident as we have not had any other recent sexual assault cases reported. Sexual assault is a very sensitive investigation. This is a crime of violence which causes a great deal of emotional, psychological and physical trauma for its victim. As a standard practice and out of respect for the assault victim, the Police Department does not comment on ongoing sexual assault investigations."

Proliferating Facebook postings suggest two rapes may have happened near downtown Black Mountain in the past several days.