Black Mountain entertainer Finton featured on Tosh.0

Fred McCormick
Tommy Finton gathers friends at Todd's Sandwich Shop for his debut on Tosh.0.

For the second time in five years, local video blogger and entertainer Tommy Finton has been featured on a popular television show.

The charismatic Finton, who is known for wearing suits and fedora hats while carrying his camera, was the focus of a segment on the popular Comedy Central show Tosh.0 last week.

A visibly excited Finton struggled to contain his emotions at Todd's Sandwich Shop in Black Mountain last week as friends and family gathered to watch the premiere.

"I'm head over heels excited right now," he said. "I'm shaking."

Producers from Tosh.0 reached out to Finton through Facebook and asked him if he would like to be on the show. Finton said that he did not hesitate when making his decision.

"We flew out to L.A.," he said. "I have to say, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life."

The show has a reputation for making jokes at the expense of the people it features. But Finton was much more focused on the entertainment value of his appearance.

"I'm just going to be on national television," he told himself, "so if he says a few things about me, then that's just how it rolls."

Finton's appearance on Tosh.0 was because of a video Finton uploaded to his channel nearly a year ago. The video, titled "Her Eggs Made Me Feel Like Batman," shows Finton talking to a passenger and driver of a car moments after he prevents them from driving away with a large box of eggs sitting on the roof of their vehicle. As he does in many of the videos on his YouTube channel, Finton had engaged the two women in conversation.

The show's host, Daniel Tosh, used Finton's videotaped chattiness as the premise for some of his jokes. Finton was pleased with the segment that aired.

"I thought that was epic," Finton said. "It was everything that I thought it was going to be and more."

Finton's first appearance on cable television was in 2010 when he was featured in an episode of MTV's self-improvement series "Made." The show paired him with a mentor to teach him how to become a filmmaker.

Much of the footage for that show was shot at Owen High School, where Finton was a student at the time.

Since his debut on cable television, Finton has spent much of his time focusing on his career as an entertainer. His YouTube channel, TommyNC2010, has nearly 3,000 subscribers and has been viewed over 850,000 times. He made the trip to Seattle last year for Vlogger Fair, a convention attended by many well-known names in the vlogging (video blogging) community.