Black Mountain Scouts help the girls in Africa

Emily Boer, Emily Hochschild and Anna Faith Major
Special to the BMN

(Editor's note: This story was written by Emily Boer, Emily Hochschild and Anna Faith Major and submitted by their mothers.)

We are three independent Junior Girl Scouts from Black Mountain, NC. We worked on this project for our Bronze Award from November 2014 through April 2015. The Bronze Award is the one of the highest honors earned by Junior Girl Scouts.

Little Dresses for Africa ( is an organization that asks people to make clothes for children who need them and seeks donations to mail them to Africa. We had to plan our project, ask others for supplies, learn to sew a dress out of a pillowcase, complete 10 dresses each, and mail them.

According to the organization, girls in Africa are in need of not just adequate clothing but also hope. These dresses help them feel worthy and loved by Jesus.

When the dresses are delivered, lessons are taught about good hygiene and nutrition. Hope is a lifelong feeling that will carry these girls through life. Now that a girl has good clothes, she can go out in her world to help her family by going to school or getting a job. This can change her whole life.

Also, as long as this organization is around, this project will keep going. We feel great because we are helping these little girls.

Girls like us can do important things to make a difference all around the world!

We give special thanks to Tula's Threads, Foam and Fabric Outlet, Jo Moberg, Dottie McKinstry, Lynda Parkins, and the Girls' Night Out ladies of First Baptist Church in Black Mountain.