Call of the Valley: Kevin Greenspan

Shelly Frome
Special to Black Mountain News
Kevin Greenspan

For Kevin Greenspan, the springboard into the world of wellness came about in Fort Lauderdale when standard medical procedures failed him after a scuba diving incident.

“I ruptured my sinuses,” said Greenspan. “I went to a doctor for three-and-a-half years suffering with chronic infections, living on antibiotics. After a time, my father, who had a practice up here in the Blue Ridge, got in touch and recommended I see a chiropractor. And so I did.

"A few physical adjustments enabled my body to heal itself in just two weeks. So I was pretty amazed. Realizing I could do things like that for people who suffered from a number of ailments changed my life.”

Opting to join his family in “sleepy, rural” Black Mountain, he cut his Florida business ties in 1986, drove up to these mountains and lived with his parents while attending UNCA. There he met Lisa, his future wife and partner, as she was finishing up her undergraduate degree in biology while serving as the curator of the Ashville Nature Center.

At the same time, he became thoroughly taken with this area.

“When I first arrived,” Greenspan said, “I was driving down the street, and people were waving to me I didn’t know from Adam. Coming from a metropolitan area, I naturally assumed they wanted something. After awhile, I got used to the fact that Southerners were kind and went out of their way to be friendly.

"The setting here is gorgeous in contrast with flat Fort Lauderdale and its square grid of roads. I felt so blessed. You’ve got lakes, hiking in the mountains, biking and can enjoy all kinds of recreational activities.”

As he pursued an advanced degree at Life College in Atlanta, he encountered students from all over the world who formed an elite rugby team, a factor that was just a small part of his growing awareness.  

Kevin Greenspan

“The place was amazing,” Greenspan said. “The president of the school even created a track and field facility for Olympians to train. I learned that unpinching the nerves that come out of the spine allow the body to function at full capacity. As a result, athletes become stronger, more flexible and get back out onto the field much quicker.

"The treatment also covers the gamut of sports injuries. As it happens, I myself was a gymnast in high school, and I was so impressed that everyone on campus was devoted to being physically fit.” 

Upon receiving his doctorate, he went on to establish the Greenspan Wellness Center in Black Mountain. His continuing quest for treatments of a host of maladies and ways to ensure healthy maintenance resulted in a number of findings. In a sense, it’s his constant research that sets Kevin Greenspan apart.

For instance, Greenspan came upon K-laser, a high power laser therapy that targets damaged tissue using four different wavelengths of light that accelerates the healing process and reduces pain and spasms. Through the use of a hand-held device the size of a flashlight, his wife Lisa was able to alleviate sciatic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, misaligned joints and other chronic injuries.

That brings us to the current concern over COVID-19 and his discovery of the Blueprint Company, a consortium of over 350 types of physicians.     

“I’ve always been very involved with helping people with their immune system,” Greenspan said. “Fighting off the pathogens that enter the body. From the Blueprint Company, we’ve received a kit formulated from plant-based herbs and supplements and natural antibiotics plus a guide to ward off the possibility of COVID-19: A food list that helps you avoid sugars and carbs that feed infections; prompts to get enough movement and sleep, eliminate stress, stay connected with people and so forth.”

“I never know what new things are going to come along,” Greenspan went on to say. “So I’m always open. I also want to maintain an oasis, a friendly loving environment free from all the stress that’s out there and make patients feel at ease. So Lisa went ahead and created a slogan for us: ‘A center where hope and healing happens.’”