Four Sisters Bakery hosts Pi(e) Day celebration

Fred McCormick
Black Mountain News
Krista Bowman, left, and Dorothy Goodman, will welcome people to Four Sisters Bakery on March 14, for their first Pi(e) Day Celebration.

Anyone with even the foggiest recollection of middle school math is likely to remember the significance of 3.14, more commonly known as the mathematical constant Pi. The irrational number is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.  

For those who are less inclined to think or care about math, Thursday, March 14, sometimes expressed in writing as "3.14," is all about Pi's sweeter homonym. That's why, from 4:30 - 8 p.m., Four Sisters Bakery in Black Mountain will host its first Pi(e) Day Celebration.

"This is like our biggest day of the year," said Krista Bowman, who opened the bakery, which is adjacent to the Red Rocker Inn, with Dorothy Goodman in the fall of 2018. "Everybody loves Pi(e) Day, so we thought this would be a good opportunity to have some fun and maybe start an annual tradition."

The event will kick off with a pie contest. Contestants must register before Wednesday, March 13, and pies must be made completely from scratch. 

"We want people to be able to show off their skills and have them present their best pies," Bowman said. "People come to a bakery not because they can't bake themselves, but because they don't always have time to do it."

The contest, which will be judged by Bowman, Goodman, a third, yet-to-be-named judge and public voting, will be decided based on the taste and presentation of the pies. Winners from each category will receive cash prizes. 

"The majority of the weight will be on the public voting," Bowman said. "There will be at least an hour for people to try the pies before tasting is over."

If sweet pies aren't your thing then Four Sisters Bakery has you covered during their Pi(e) Day Celebration, Bowman said. 

"All pies aren't sweet," she said. "Savory pies will be part of this too."

The bakery will make pizza pies for the dinnertime crowd. 

"We'll make the pizzas here," she said. "That's not something we typically make at the bakery but we thought, since this event will be in the evening, it would be a great way to involve another kind of pie."

The celebration, which will be held both inside the bakery and on the lawn of the Red Rocker, will feature beer and wine as well, Bowman added. 

Pies are one of several offerings that have done well for Four Seasons since Bowman and Goodman opened their doors in October. Their baked goods are not only available at the bakery, but in Black Mountain retailers like Dripolator, BAD Craft and Sassafras on Sutton. 

"Things have been going well for us," Bowman said. "We managed to stay busy through the winter and now have a full-time and four part-time employees.The community has been really supportive."

Tickets to vote in the Pi(e) Day Celebration pie contest are $5, and a registration fee of $5 is required to enter a pie.

To register, call the bakery at 230-3186.