David Cody to record CD live at White Horse Black Mountain

Paul Clark
Black Mountain News
The David Cody Band, with Cody second from left, will play at White Horse Black Mountain June 30.

David Cody has done a lot of things. The Swannanoa guitarist has written more than 1,200 songs, recorded a half dozen albums and nearly lost two fingers in a table saw accident.

Now Cody is trying a new kind of scariness – recording with a band in front of a live audience, at White Horse Black Mountain. Tickets to see The David Cody Band, The Jukes of Hazzard and The Fixers at the 7 p.m. Saturday, June 30 show are $10 advance/$12 door.

Cody’s band is hoping to get a live CD and DVD out of is performance. Going live should yield something impossible to get in a recording studio, he said.

“When you’re in the studio, you have remixes and overdubs. And you can make it technically perfect,” he said, “which is not something you can do during a live performance. So (recording live) is quite a bit of a challenge. But if you’re lucky enough to come out with something worthy, you’re doing really well – you get all the excitement that goes with a live performance.”

Joining him in the band will be Mike Lytle on bass, Darrell Wilson on guitar and Clinton Norton on drums. They plan to do 10 original songs – five of Cody’s and five of Lytle’s – for the recording (they’ll do some covers too, but those won’t be captured on tape).

Cody and Lytle grew up listening to Southern rock, so their original stuff sounds a lot like that, Cody said, mixed in with some country and Americana. The band has been told it sounds a bit like The Marshall Tucker Band, maybe the Outlaws.

Cody and Lytle were in a band in the mid-1990s – Watusi Rodeo – that made a splash in Nashville (it made it to the national finals of The Country Showdown, now considered the largest country music talent competition in the U.S.). Cody and Lytle had “a bit of a falling out over that competition,” Cody said, and the band disbanded. Cody has worked on his own ever since.

A few months ago, Lytle called up Cody and asked him if he’d be interested in getting back together. Lytle had a band going with Wilson and Norton. Cody joined them to jam and something good happened musically.

“I went back the next night to see if it was just a fluke,” he said. It wasn’t, so he committed to the band. The guys have spent four months getting tight, “and now we feel we’re ready to go,” Cody said. They’ve played a couple of shows in Asheville.

“We’re kind of excited about the band,” he said.