On Wednesday, May 9 at 7:30 p.m., White Horse Black Mountain’s Wednesday Jazz series will mark the return to the stage of Bill Gerhardt and Trio South. Although the players involved have been active on the Asheville music scene during the group’s hiatus, they’re revisiting the Brazilian-flavored sound of Trio South with a renewed sense of communication, freedom and trust that brings a noticeable difference to their sound.

Trio South was pianist Gerhardt’s creative outlet for seven years, but the music they’re now playing comes from a time when the band members took a break from performing together. Gerhardt has been mixing and remastering archived recordings made by Trio South (Gerhardt plus bassist Mike Holstein and drummer Justin Watt) and a host of stellar guest artists. The result is music that the composer describes as “direct and accessible … the music stands on its own.”

Gerhardt was based for some years in New York City, where he played with a Who’s Who of contemporary jazz artists and fronted his own quartet. In addition to earning a reputation as a masterful song accompanist, he’s made his mark as a composer and arranger whose music has been heard at festivals, concerts, clubs around the world as well as on film, TV and radio.

“Gerhard has a way with music that makes the listener feel as though what he’s playing is brand new to him, like something he’s just discovered for himself," Holstein said, "while at the same time conveying a feeling that he could have played it thousand times before.” 

Through his performances and his work with the Jazz Composers Forum, aimed at young players, Gerhardt is a respected mainstay of the WNC creative community.

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