Nick Gonnering at Town Pump Feb. 6 channels Trevor Hall

Black Mountain News
Nick Gonnering will play at the Town Pump from 9 p.m.-midnight Tuesday, Feb. 6.

Drawing from the influences of artists and bands like The John Butler Trio and Trevor Hall, as well as much of the classic rock from the 1960s and '70s, Nick Gonnering spans many musical genres with his acoustic stylings.

He'll play at the Town Pump from 9 p.m.-midnight Tuesday, Feb. 6.

“I take a lot of pieces from the people, practices, and philosophies that shape my life, and I try to see how I can use what I’ve learned and combine it with what I’m learning to make a piece of art that can help people,” he said.

                                “I started writing songs when I was 13 as a way to have some fun with my friends, and I never really stopped. Over the years, the themes that I write about have helped me to outgrow my stubborn habits, take charge of what I want in life, and in general be a better person.” 

               Gonnering said that, from a young age, music inspired him and helped him live a more fulfilling and beauty-filled life.

“For me, I’ve always wanted to inspire people to live an amazing life and to thrive in what they love doing. That’s the entire goal of my music. If I can write a song that helps someone with a problem in their life, or to help them gain a broader perspective of the world, then I have done something worthwhile with my art, and that’s what truly counts.” 

                Having written more than 40 songs in his life, Gonnering continues to write new and evolving music on his 12-string guitar, a beautiful Takamine G series that carries a full and angelic sound. His recently released album “Finding My Niche” is an edgy acoustic journal that he wrote while traveling the country in a 1977 motor home. It reflects on the life of a nomad, the inner workings of a restless mind, and some valuable life lessons that were learned along the way. 


                “I want to leave the world a better place than when I got here, and in this life, I am able to do that through music. Whether I play with a full band, or just my guitar, I want to be raising that vibration. My only hope is that it helps.”