Black Mountain singer/ songwriter David LaMotte has performed more than 3,000 concerts, released 12 CDs of mostly original music, toured all 50 states and five of the seven continents. He’s been a force on the local scene and beyond for more than two decades, not only for his acclaimed songs but as a voice for positive change and peacemaking.

LaMotte's moving songs, tireless touring and gentle authority have earned him a large and loyal worldwide following. The award-winning musician, speaker, author, workshop leader and humanitarian activist will make time in his busy schedule for a home town concert at White Horse Black Mountain on Saturday, Dec. 9 at 8 p.m. 

LaMotte’s years as a performer date back to the fabled days of Black Mountain’s McDibb’s and the original Grey Eagle. Now a seasoned veteran, he’s developed an insightful, witty, contemplative writing style coupled with a melodious singing voice and impressive guitar work that makes extensive use of nonstandard tunings. 

LaMotte's 2016 album, "The Other Way Around," features musicians from every inhabited continent, plus guest artists Ed King of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Nicky Sanders and Graham Sharp of the Steep Canyon Rangers, and Americana icon Tim O’Brien. Last February he was one third of the popular Three Davids show at the Diana Wortham Theater that showcased local but internationally known Davids - LaMotte, Holt and Wilcox.

LaMotte is also the author of a handbook for activists, "Worldchanging 101: Challenging the Myth of Powerlessness" and two children’ books, "S.S. Bathtub" and "White Flour," the latter based on a real-life creative response to hate. 

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