For years, Frank Bang was Buddy Guys’ right-hand man


Frank “Bang” Blinkal was always the blues guy in any rock or funk band he was in.

Born and raised in Chicago, he worked his way up through the ranks to play with blues master and legend Buddy Guy. Bang played with Buddy Guy every night for five years. He’s bringing his band - Frank Bang and the Cook County Kings - to Pisgah Brewing Co. on Thursday, May 19.

Touring in advance of the release this summer of his CD, “The Blues Don’t Care,” Bang started playing with Guy in 1991, working with him in his club, Buddy Guy’s Legends. “I did everything from change the merchandise to paint the place,” Bang says in the bio on his website. “I even cooked brunch two Blues Festival weekends with Sam Guy, Buddy’s brother.”

Bang toured every summer with B.B. King and saw the world. “Playing with your idols and inspiring the greats that inspired me - it was an amazing experience,” he said.

In keeping with the energy during their live shows, Frank Bang & the Cook County Kings recorded “The Blues Don’t Care” all in one day. “That wasn’t the plan, it’s just how it happened,” he said, noting that all his favorite blues records were live. “We just rolled and recorded. Almost everything was a first take.”