Caroline Cotter show planned for Dec. 29


Caroline Cotter, a Portland, Maine-based singer-songwriter, has gotten national attention for her debut album, “Dreaming as I Do,” which reached number 5 on the Folk DJ charts in February. She’s bringing songs from the release to Lookout Brewing from 7-9 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 29.

With a captivating soprano voice and award-winning songwriting, Cotter’s songs take you from an intimate Parisian salon to the mountains of Colorado and into the depths of the human heart. With stories about love, adventure and searching for home, “Dreaming as I Do” offers an eclectic mix of melodic honesty.

Along with a love of music, Cotter has an insatiable passion for travel. In the past 10 years, she has lived in and traveled to 28 countries on five continents. She spent time working in France, Portugal, Spain and Thailand, studying yoga in India, and traveling in South America. In addition to writing songs in English, she sings in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Sanskrit, bringing the world to her audience, connecting across cultures through her music.

“Dreaming as I Do” features two original songs in French - “Il est jaune” (It is Yellow), a playful and light love song about all things yellow, and “La Marionette,” a ballad depicting a lonely string puppet’s search for love. Other tracks, such as “My Evergreen” and “This Place,” reflect the songwriter’s love for her home in Maine, while “Bella Blue” and “Journey in C” share the sentiments of a traveler on the move.