The Brothership touches down at home

Fred McCormick

Growing up in the Swannanoa Valley, twin brothers Eric and Kyle Travers spent much of their time immersed in music. By the time the duo, and bass guitarist Josh Clark graduated from Owen, they had formed the Travers Brothership.

Catch them live — and be a part of their live album — at Pisgah Brewing July 2-3.

“We were brought up around music,” said Kyle, who like Eric grew up in Black Mountain. “We would get off the bus and walk past Lake Tomahawk when we were 14. Then we would go home and try to play the Fillmore East (album) by the Allman Brothers.”

The self-titled Travers Brothership EP the band released in 2013 reached the number one spot on Reverb Nation’s Alternative charts for Asheville. It was later released online through Amazon, iTunes and elsewhere.

Playing with a horn section (saxophone, trombone and trumpet), the seven-piece band brings its eclectic sound home Thursday and Friday when it records its first full-length album during back-to-back shows at Pisgah Brewing Co.

“Pisgah is home to passionate music lovers, and they produce the vibe that we’re looking for,” Kyle said. “We want to capture what happens at Pisgah because it is magical.”

Known for its stage presence, the Travers Brothership will play a combination of new and previously released songs for a crowd that will likely include many familiar faces.

“Pisgah is definitely a home for us,” Kyle said. “I think we played there at least four or five times last year.”

According to Clark, a member of the original iteration of the band (the Travers Brothers Band), playing at Pisgah is a goal he shared with friends as a child. The band was one of the acts that performed at the brewery’s 10th anniversary in April.

Kyle said the band realized another childhood dream in May when the Brothership played two sets at the 40th LEAF Festival. “That was a very big deal,” he said.

The group spent a significant portion of 2014 touring the country for the second time. Clark says that many of the songs that will be performed for the new album represent a slightly different approach.

“Some of these tunes have been going in a slightly different direction than some of the long jams and methodical instrumentation,” he said. “These have a deeper root in the songwriting process.

“There’s a lot of open interpretation to some of the lyrics and messages that we’re trying to convey with the songs. But there is still that live energy that we try to create.”

The new music still allows members of the band to support, and build momentum for, the dramatic solos and full sound that the Brothership has come to be known for, according to Clark.

“We try to tailor each show to the audience as much as possible,” he said. “If I were to tell somebody what to expect from a Travers Brothership show, I would tell them to expect a roller coaster. We range from high-intensity dance funk music to more somber soul songs. Just expect versatility.”

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What: Travers Brothership live recording

When: 9 p.m. July 2-3

Where: Pisgah Brewing Co.

Cost: $8 advance, $10 door, $14 both shows