Kenny George keeps rock 'n' roll rolling along

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Credit the Kenny George Band for keeping rock 'n' roll thriving and moving forward.

Music’s elders and icons established the initial template for rock ‘n’ roll. But it’s the newer generation that keeps it thriving and moving forward. So credit the Kenny George Band for doing exactly that.

Composed of Kenny George (lead guitar, vocals, songwriter), Bucky Brown (drums, harmony vocals), Center Ely (steel guitar), Brooks Andrews (bass) and Scott Rankin (rhythm guitar, harmony vocals), this ensemble works hard to move the needle forward. 

The band is playing a free, 8 Friday, May 4 at Pisgah Brewing.

“Our goal has always been to connect with our audiences,” George said. “Our music is honest and organic, and we deliberately avoid pretense. We may seem like a ragtag bunch, but there’s a passion, purpose and sincerity that underscores everything we do. And hopefully that’s apparent even the first time you hear us play.”

Hailing from Aiken, South Carolina, the Kenny George Band has played 250 concerts in the last two years in North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Alabama, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Missouri. In 2016, it was voted South Carolina Artists to Watch by the South Carolina Music Guide.

Tempered by the time they’ve spent on the road, the band’s latest album, "Borrowed Trouble," looks at life, longing and relationships through the vast spectrum of constant tours and travel. Like the road itself, it dips and sways, advancing not in a straight line, but rather in a series of circuitous twists and turns that reveal a uniquely personal perspective along the way.