'Fabulous Fakes' in Black Mountain shows a master's touch

Black Mountain News
Herb Way's photo,  "Channeling Georgia O'Keeffe," approximates the work of photographer John Loengard.

The Old Masters are returning to Black Mountain. The Swannanoa Valley Fine Arts League’s sixth annual exhibit of "Fabulous Fakes" will be at the Monte Vista Hotel, next to The Red House Gallery, through December.

The exhibit showcases 85 works by arts league members that are inspired and informed by famous artists. 

Nancy Clausen created the pastel "Der Coelb-Corune" in the style of Paul Klee.

Throughout the history of creativity, artists have emulated other artists as a means of education and self mentoring. Some of the exhibited pieces are easily identifiable "fakes" where the original has been used as a guide in design and technique. Others are a 'step aside,' with the original being a reference point and acting as inspiration.

This exhibit offers laughter, good conversation, beauty, and an entertaining twist on the history of art. There's more at