Summer exhibit at Monte Vista Hotel now on view

From staff reports

Eight artists have been assembled for the current exhibit at Monte Vista Hotel, on view through Aug. 4.

The show, which is not themed or named, was curated by Susan Hanning, a member of Swannanoa Valley Art League. Among the works is a group of nine multimedia pieces created by Marianne Reninger called “Houses That Speak,” or as some have called it, “Talking Houses.” This series of nine houses from the past is being shown together in the dining room at the hotel.

Other artists and their work featured are Anne Bevan’s large springtime acrylic paintings of nature, Barbara Lilenfeld’s 17 colorful, playful and arresting abstracts and Bill Abramson’s series of 19 photographs of the Galápagos Islands, printed on metal.

Also included in the show are photographer Fran Roberts’ spring, summer and winter depictions of a local home, Karen Paquette’s abstract multimedia collages and Karen Garwood’s collection of oil landscapes and flowers.

Peter Olevnik is also showing his abstracts, done in vivid color studies with interesting applications.