Two nights of storytelling with Murphy Funkhouser-Capps


Local writer and stage performer Murphy Funkhouser-Capps returns to Black Mountain Center for the Arts on Friday-Saturday July 7-8 with new and old stories in "Out of the Bag." Tickets for this informal 7:30 p.m. storytelling performance are $16 and will benefit the arts center.

Murphy Funkhouser-Capps' performances include revealing, insightful stories about self-discovery, love, loss and redemption.

“I’ve been working on this, on and off, for the past 10 years,” Capps said. “It all started in a small apartment high in the Colorado mountains. I was new single mother (on) the day I awoke and discovered all of the baggage of my life has fallen out of the overhead compartment and was…everywhere.”

So the story goes as Funkhouser-Capps tells it. “There were stories in each piece," she said. "I told some of those stories in my first one-woman show 'Crazy Bags' and then tucked them into an attic until we found out (husband) Kenny (Capps) was sick and I was inspired to write a second show, 'Carry On.'”

Since Funkhouser-Capps arrived back in Asheville/Black Mountain area in 2008, she has performed her shows at venues that include Asheville Community Theater, NC Stage and the Black Mountain Center for the Arts. The performances July 7-8 will include old and new material, favorite stories and well-loved characters including “the Heathen,” a character that appeared in both her previous shows.

Funkhouser-Capps will share some of the stories from "Crazy Bags," her award-winning solo performance piece, billed as an “auto-biographical prodigal daughter, coming-of-age play,” about her inspirational journey as a minister's daughter and single mother. "Crazy Bags" won Best Actress and Best Director at the Colorado Theatre Awards and was nominated for a Denver Post Ovation Award for Best Solo Performance.

"Carry On" is a work in progress. The writer/performer’s goal is to refine the material and bring it together into a September performance to be directed by Jamieson Ridenhour at Asheville Community Theater’s newly renovated space.

Audience members can expect to hear some new stories as well, some of which have never been heard, even by Funkhouser-Capps' mother who has planned to attend. “There will be a rebellion story about a black lace shirt - and a good jail story,” Funkhouser-Capps, she said.

She will manipulate the theater space in Black Mountain Center for the Arts to tell her revealing, insightful stories about self-discovery, love, loss and redemption. For tickets or more information call 669-0930 or visit