Stories, songs from inside music industry by a music insider


“More Stories and Songs from Inside the Music,” the title of Bob Hinkle's show at White Horse Black Mountain Saturday, May 13, implies a second chapter.

Longtime habitués of White Horse, Hinkle's listening room, may remember that a few years back Hinkle regaled a concert audience with true tales from his years at the center of the entertainment industry. Those stories, by turns surprising, poignant and humorous, have evolved in the telling and have been joined by others. On Saturday, May 13 , Hinkle will tell insider anecdotes interspersed with period-appropriate songs as well as a few new numbers.

Bob Hinkle has many stories to tell of rock stars backstage and in the recording studio.

An Asheville native, Hinkle gained national fame fresh out of the University of North Carolina with the folk-pop trio The Good Earth, which also included William “Oliver” Swofford of “Good Morning Starshine” fame. After that group disbanded and the release of a solo album, "Ollie Moggus," Hinkle gravitated toward the business side of show biz.

As a manager, his clients included Etta James, The J. Geils Band, Harry Chapin, the young Olsen twins, watermelon-smashing comic Gallagher, Kenny Rogers and Manfred Mann. He also consulted with The Band on its first live recording and recommended signing up and coming acts like James Taylor and Creedence Clearwater Revival while working for Ampex Records.

Entertainer eccentricities, along with life on the road and in the studio, provided a treasure trove of stories. For example, did Mick Jagger really enhance the profile of his famously tight pants as Etta James claimed? Just how many daily sit-ups did J. Geils singer Peter Wolf do to maintain his lean physique? Is it true that Harry Chapin was already an Oscar winner before launching his songwriting career?

These mysteries and more will explored in detail by someone who was there.

From the horse's mouth

Who: Bob Hinkle

When: 7:30 p.m. May 13

Where: White Horse Black Mountain

 Cost: $10 advance, $12 door