Strings attached, duo recombines cello and fiddle

Staff reports

Cellist Kaitlin Raitz calls New York City home, and fiddler Ben Plotnick hails from the prairies of Alberta. Together, they play closely arranged settings of North American folk music, from haunting ballads to full-tilt fiddle romps, in many guises.

Kaitlyn Raitz and Ben Plotnick bridged thousands of miles to for their deeply American sound.

Raitz and Plotnick, touring in support of their newly completed eponymous EP, will be making a stop at the White Horse Black Mountain on Thursday, Jan. 12.

Raitz (cello, vocals) and Plotnick (fiddle, vocals) have been making folk music for the majority of their lives. Though they started playing folk, bluegrass, Appalachian and string band music together only this past year, they have a combined musical resume that speaks to a lifetime of dedication to the styles. Individually, they’ve made their respective marks playing with countless artists across North America. From jazz, to country, to classical, and everywhere in between, they’ve appeared on dozens of professional albums. They’ve played in bars for 10 people, and at festivals for 40,000.

The partnership between the violin and the cello is age-old and has been proven time and time again, but as soon as Raitz and Plotnick began to play and sing together, it became clear that something was different. Decades of experience as chamber musicians helped them to blend instantly.

String wizardry

Who: Kaitlyn Raitz and Ben Plotnick

When: 7:30 p.m. Jan. 12

Where: White Horse Black Mountain

Cost: $8 advance, $10 door