Abandoning his name for the sake of art

Staff reports

Adeem the Artist, a singer-songwriter from Knoxville who plays at the Town Pump on Sunday, Nov. 13, plays what has been called “romping, whimsical folk music.”

Adeem’s sound is informed by the vast vernacular of folk, indie-pop and Americana; using this palette, he creates a personal narrative in the vein of visionary artists like Glenn Hansard, Bright Eyes and Johnny Cash.

A Syracuse native, Adeem cut his teeth at the Lost Horizon. His existential music has echoed both the quiet prayers that come with thoughtful meditation and the aggressive questioning reflective of his inquisitive nature - a line he walked haphazardly during his year as a solo performer onboard Carnival Cruise Lines.

Navigating the divide between entertainment and artistry, Adeem presents cerebral music with a literary aesthetic.

His April 2016 album, “Kyle Adem is Dead” presents a departure from his former pseudonym “Kyle Adem.” It acts as the debut release his new moniker. This self-referential collection of spirited songs was recorded in four hours at The Ghost Motel in Knoxville.