Redleg Husky stays busy in the Valley and beyond

If you haven't heard of the duo, chances are you probably will

Fred McCormick

If you’ve been to a live music show in Black Mountain over the last four years, there is a good chance you have seen Redleg Husky in action.

Even if you haven’t caught the band in action, it is more than likely the Asheville-based country, bluegrass and blues group has recently performed at a venue near you. Now is your chance - Redleg Husky will play Wednesday, Nov. 2 at the Straightaway Cafe and Thursday, Nov. 10 at the Town Pump Tavern.

Redleg Husky will be performing at the Straightaway Cafe on Nov. 2 and at the Town Pump Tavern on Nov. 10.

Since 2012 Redleg Husky has played more than 500 shows, from Western North Carolina to Virginia and beyond.

The group started as a duo - current member Tim McWilliams and former member Misa Giroux. The two met in graduate school at Appalachian State University. Redleg Husky released a self-titled EP in 2013 and then a full-length album, “Carolina,” in 2014.

The duo became a trio last September with the addition of Son the Bassman and released “My Old Heart” earlier this year. But Giroux left the band and moved away in August.

“When Misa left we looked for a third member at first, but most of those people fell through,” McWilliams said. “We had a last-minute gig, which was an opening slot at New Mountain and we did it as a duo. It went really well, so we’ve worked on our sound as a duo since.”

Redleg Husky didn’t skip a beat, according to McWilliams.

“Our sound has definitely changed and to us for the better,” he said. “When we were a trio, Misa really loved singer-songwriter stuff and she was a great songwriter. But a lot of what she brought to the table had a slower tempo or slower pace. But we’ve shifted our focus away from that.”

The band's focus now is on American roots music, McWilliams said. “The general sound is still the same, but it’s a little bit more uptempo,” he said.

The result is a live performance that features more energy and music that many in the audience will be familiar with.

“We do covers, and we have some originals that we do,” he said. “A lot of time people watch us and think our stuff is all original because we do a lot of older, traditional tunes.”

A Redleg Husky show will also feature songs that are well-known to country music fans.

“We do some Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings,” McWilliams said. “People who enjoy country music can definitely sing along to those.”