Expressing the feminine voice through the native flute

Staff reports

Internationally recognized native flute player Marina Raye of Black Mountain will present a concert titled “Stillness Dancing, an Invitation to Deep Inner Peace” on Saturday, Oct. 29 at the Light Center.

Marina Raye's music comes from her deep love for the Earth.

Raye has been a best-selling musician since 2005, when her album "Nature’s Enchantment" was
voted one of the top 10 CDs in the U.S. alternative music market. Called a “sonic shaman,” her
mastery of the native flute has made her a favorite among massage therapists, alternative healing
centers and meditators alike.

“To call this flute playing ‘soulful’ is an understatement,” Dan Cowan wrote in Music Design In Review. “Few artists are as skilled at creating the sort of haunting, inherently spiritual reverie that Raye immerses her listeners in. The tones and timbres that her flute takes on often feel more like emotions or moods — dreamy with a tinge of melancholy, simple on the surface yet complex when you listen harder.”

Raye, the daughter of Presbyterian missionaries, was born in the Congo and spent
her first 10 years there. She draws inspiration from her deep love for the Earth as she shares her vision
of a peaceful planet. She plays enchanting melodies on native-style flute, handcrafted
by her husband, flute maker Charlie Oakwind. The sounds of mountain streams, birds and katydids, which all recorded in Black Mountain, accompany Raye's sound.

A whispering wind

Who: Marina Raye

When: 7 p.m. Oct. 29

Where: Light Center, N.C. 9 South

Cost: $15

Register: URLight.org, 669-6845