As the old saying goes, bad pennies have a way of turning up. In the case of The Bad Penny Pleasuremakers, that’s definitely a pleasant surprise.

Hot on the heels of a rip-roaring, wacky and sometimes surreal Roochie Toochie and the Ragtime Shepherd Kings show at White Horse Black Mountain, a reconfigured portion of the band returns to the venue on Friday, Aug. 27.

The lineup of The Bad Penny Pleasuremakers is fluid, but it’s centered around the husband-and-wife team of Matt Bell and Joy Patterson from New Orleans. Joy handles most of the lead vocals, plays horn-like solos on the kazookaphone (picture a bugle-shaped kazoo with plunger mute) and keeps the danceable rhythms jumping with washboard and a table full of small percussion and sound effects. Matt plays guitar, Hawaiian guitar and sings.

The Pleasuremakers’ repertoire mines nuggets from Tin Pan Alley, the Roaring '20s and the early swing era with a special ear for fun and humor. The novelty factor is coupled with joyful first-rate musicianship, split-second timing and tons of offbeat charm. Bell and Patterson are temporary Asheville residents.

What goes around

Who: The Bad Penny Pleasuremakers

When: 8 p.m. Aug. 27

Where: White Horse Black Mountain

Cost: $10 advance, $12 door

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