Get your dancing shoes on. On Saturday, Aug. 6,  White Horse Black Mountain will hop to the danceable sounds of two bands fronted by powerhouse female singers.

Goldie and the Screamers are an Asheville soul/neo soul outfit featuring CaroMia Tiller. Virginia and the Slims have singer Joanna Best, whose vibe is more jump blues and swing. Both bands share a commitment to good music, good times and keeping the audience dancing.

The “Goldie” of the Screamers is  Tiller, a free spirit who taught herself to sing and play piano. As a pre-teen she rejected the music business mainstream to forge her own path, which included adding guitar to her instrumental arsenal and traveling to India to study Carnatic singing. After drifting through India, North Africa and Southeast Asia as a busker (a time she remembers fondly), she moved to Asheville, a place where her eclectic interests find a home.

Goldie and the Screamers allows the versatile Tiller  to channel her inner soul diva as she melds her sultry vocals and keyboard lines with the funky bass of Chandler Brewer, vintage R&B beats of drummer Jacob Coats and the stylings of guitarist Jesse Lapinsky. The band performs both originals and covers of classic songs.

There’s no Virginia in the Asheville  band Virginia and the Slims, but there’s no shortage of danceable jump blues, jazz, swing and oldies when the band plays. Virginia and the Slims’ membership includes Sean Anderson (guitar), James Kamp (saxophone, harmonica, vocals), Brian Gant (drums), Sid Heilbraun (bass, vocals) and the vocals of Joanna Best. The band is currently performing in support of its newly released CD.

Jumpin' jive live

Who: Goldie and the Screamers, Virginia and the Slims

When: 8 p.m. Aug. 6

Where: White Horse Black Mountain

Cost: $10

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