Classical meets jazz with symphonic sax

Black Mountain News

When Bill Bares launched the Take Two jazz duet series at  White Horse Black Mountain, his choice of Monday nights sent a message.

Traditionally a quiet night on the club scene, the Monday night scheduling signaled that the innovative performances would be all about the music.

Joseph Lullof is a member of the summer artist faculty at the Brevard Music Center.

In addition to providing a musical foil for each of his invited guests, Bares also composes original works that play to each ones’ personal strengths and musical personality. For the Aug. 8 show, he reached out to a performer who’s equally at home in the classical and jazz worlds - saxophonist Joe Lulloff, whose motto is “Putting the saxophone back in front."

A sought-after performer and clinician, Lulloff has been playing saxophone since  age 7. Able to step from the symphony hall to the bandstand, he is expert in both realms, enabling him to approach repertoire that pushes boundaries.

Lulloff embraces the different voices in the saxophone family, performing regularly on tenor, alto and soprano instruments as a soloist and as a member of the all-saxophone Capitol Quartet. Combining stage presence and unparalleled technique, he’s an adventurous voice on an often-stereotyped horn.

Drawing as he does from a divergent group of duet partners, pianist Bares has developed an almost supernatural ability to follow and complement every turn the music takes. Every Take Two show is recorded with an eye to eventual release of a CD of highlights.

Single reed, univision

Who: Bill Bares with Joe Lulloff

When: 7:30 p.m. Aug. 8

Where: White Horse Black Mountain

Cost: $12 regular, $6 students