Eleanor’s Story: An American girl in Hitler’s Germany

Staff reports

Growing up is hard enough. Imagine doing it as an American citizen trapped in Nazi Germany during World War II.

That was the real-life situation of Eleanor Ramrath Garner, whose acclaimed autobiography has been adapted by her granddaughter into a one-woman show. The show will play at Black Mountain Center for the Arts on Friday, July 29 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets for the one-night-only show are $15.

Ingrid Garner stars in her one-woman play adapted from the story her grandmother wrote of surviving World War II in Germany as an American.

"Eleanor’s Story: An American Girl in Hitler’s Germany" traces Eleanor’s path from the U.S. to Germany, where her family moved in pursuit of work during the Depression. But when war breaks out as they are crossing the Atlantic, they can’t return home and instead endure hunger, fascist oppression and bombings in Berlin. Eleanor tries to maintain her American identity as she feels herself pulled into the turbulent life roiling around her. Desperately hoping for an Allied victory, Eleanor must first survive the Nazis -  and then the terrors of the Soviet occupancy.

Eleanor's autobiography was adapted and is performed by Ingrid Garner, who as a theater arts major at California State University spent her senior year of 2014 developing this very personal one-woman show. It has since toured Fringe festivals worldwide and won numerous awards, including 2015’s “Critic’s Choice” Perth and “Best of Fest” Edmonton. Garner is coming to Black Mountain on the heels of performances at the San Diego International Fringe and the Winnipeg International Fringe Festivals.

For more or to purchase tickets, call 669-0930 or visit Black Mountain Center for the Arts, www.BlackMountainArts.org.