Black Mountain firm holds first outdoor educator training clinic

Special to Black Mountain News
Black Mountain-based 2nd Nature TREC held its first Certified Outdoor Educator training clinic at the West Campus of the Black Mountain Home for Children in late April.

Dr. Brad Daniel and Dr. Andrew Bobilya of 2nd Nature TREC (Training, Research, Education and Consulting) recently conducted the first Certified Outdoor Educator training clinic for a new credential developed by the Wilderness Education Association.

The duo co-facilitated the clinic with WEA board member Dr. Kelli McMahan of Baylor University. Seven participants representing various institutions from Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Virginia, Tennessee and N.C. attended the clinic which was held in late April at the Mountain View Lodge on the West Campus of the Black Mountain Home.

The purpose of the clinic is to introduce participants to the history, development and structure of the WEA and to equip them to plan, implement and administer two other WEA experiences – the Certified Outdoor Leader (COL) and the Outdoor Leader Training Course (OLTC).

In preparation for the clinic, 2nd Nature TREC staff developed a training manual and presentation materials. Attendees planned and delivered lessons based on the seven WEA standards.

Dr. Dottie Shuman, a participant from Montreat College, noted that “the weekend of COE training was important for understanding the philosophy and practical application of WEA’s 6 +1 curriculum.”

“It was really exciting to hear the perspectives of such a quality group of outdoor educators," Mike Odberg, Adventure Program Manager at Wheaton College’s Outdoor Center for Leadership Development. "The direction of the WEA is inspiring and fits a niche of wilderness leadership that other organizations have not been able to reach.  The COE clinic prepared me well for my upcoming staff training season and I am inspired to offer WEA COL to my incoming staff.”

WEA plans to replicate the clinic at various locations around the country, including several that will be offered annually by 2nd Nature TREC staff.