Black Mountain Stove & Chimney remains open in wake of fire

Fred McCormick
Black Mountain News

A fire near the center of Black Mountain has not kept a local business from opening its doors. 

Six fire departments responded to a fire at Black Mountain Stove & Chimney at 201 Black Mountain Ave. about 1:15 p.m. Oct. 25. Flames were visible from Interstate 40. 

Bob Orr, who has owned and operated Black Mountain Stove & Chimney for more than 35 years, said the cause of the Oct. 25 fire at his business remains undetermined.

The cause of the fire was still unknown late last week, according to Rob Meyers, an employee of the business owned by Bob and Dene Orr. Meyers, who has worked in the sales department at the business with his wife Michelle for more than 11 years, said the fire didn't do as much damage as he anticipated. 

"It seemed so big at the time," he said. "We thought there would be major damage. There was a lot of damage, but nothing like we envisioned. We lost a front room, which will need to be totally rebuilt, but the fire didn't affect the original structure here."

Crews began cleaning up debris left by the fire on Nov. 7, Meyers said. Though the building was without electricity or gas, Black Mountain Stove & Chimney was open for business as of Oct. 26, the day after the fire.

Black Mountain Stove & Chimney, at 201 Black Mountain Ave., is open despite the Oct. 25 fire.

"This time of year is our bread and butter, but since the fire our foot traffic has slowed down," said Meyers. "We're still sending our guys out daily to complete jobs we already had scheduled. We're still functioning, but it's just taking time for things to get back to normal."

Meyers was at work when the fire, which originiated on the outside of the building, started. 

"I was helping a customer when I heard someone outside yell 'get out of your building, it's on fire,'" he said. "I was confused because there wasn't any evidence of fire inside."

Meyers went outside to investigate and saw smoke. 

"I yelled to my wife to call 911," he said. "I went upstairs to get Dene out, and she thought I was joking."

After making sure nobody else was in the building, Meyers retrieved a fire extinguisher, he said. 

"By that time the fire had spread," he said. "It spread so fast."

Firefighters arrived "in just a few minutes," said Meyers. "They were really amazing and got it under control quickly."

Orr, who has owned the business since 1979, said investigators told him that wood stoves, gas fireplaces and electrical issues were ruled out as causes of the fire. 

"They don't know what caused the ignition," he said.